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Heather and I started this blog because we had a mutual interest in an author. We found that we could talk about books for hours without betting bored. Before we knew it, we were recommending list after list of books to each other! All of this conversation caused us to think, ‘hey, we might as well write a blog about it!’. So we did.

Though Heather has since had to move away from blogging because she has some really awesome stuff going on in life, Cassandra has decided to keep things running in case she ever changes her mind. For this reason, you’ll still see her listed here in the about section.

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Cassandra is a grad student studying sustainability and environmental management. When she isn’t writing for class, tutoring, or working on her start-up graphic design business, she can usually be found with a book in her hand. She’s completely addicted to caffeine after working as a barista for close to 3 years, which is why this blog name suits perfectly. From the love of coffee and books comes the name: hence the name Pour-Over Parchment Book Blog.

We both hope this blog continues to gain readership, otherwise it will just become an online diary of the books we’ve read, and there is really not much fun in that!

Edit: a year later, we have almost 1,000 followers on Facebook! That’s pretty cool, and we can’t wait to hit that milestone.



So I already wrote my life’s masterpiece here earlier today. I talked about how excited I am about getting the opportunity to help launch this blog with Cass. I confided super personal information about myself, like about having 2 kids who I bitch about constantly and who I love and adore with all my heart. I waxed poetic about my reading preferences and about how they compliment Cass’ so much because we are so different in terms of what we like to read.

It seems I neglected to actually take the .32 seconds it requires to save this gem of literary treasure. Apparently in all my personal musings, I neglected to mention that I am technologically inept. So there is that to add.

On a serious note, I do hope that you enjoy what Cass and I are working on. We are both pretty damned funny (in my humble opinion) and are striving to create a blog that does a great job reviewing books, helping new authors to gain readership, and has whole bunches of fun. There is a section here called 5 minute book reviews. I think this is going to end up my personal favorite. It is completely for the purpose of silliness. Please do not take anything you read, at least from me, seriously. I mean, how much accuracy are you going to get when you try to read an entire book in 5 minutes.

Ok, enough of my awesomeness (stop choking). Go check out the rest of the stuff!!!!!

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