Review of Books 1-3 of Kiera Cass’s Selection Series

Oh boy. I’m not normally one to totally bash a book (or a few books) but I can’t help but feel disappointed at this series so far. The Selection Series by Keira Cass is a New York Times Bestseller. Although this doesn’t always mean it’s actually a good book (Yes, Tinkers, I mean you!), I was really hoping for something akin to the Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard. Side note: I really need to review this for you!  The book’s blurb even touts that the palace in which she lives will be subject to violent rebel attacks. Surely, this should ease me out of a book slump, right?


Although book 1 began as many first books do – the main characters world being turned upside down by a series of events – the excitement quickly dies down once America, the main character, enters the palace. Yes, there are a few rebel attacks, but they are few and far between. This is nothing like the action-packed novel I was hoping for. There is, however, enough drama and intrigue to capture my attention and then start book 2.

Sadly, this is where it all fell apart for me. The end of book 1 really dragged on, but that was nothing compared to book 2, The Elite. There was a little bit of action here and there, but everything exciting was undermined by the absolutely annoying back and forth of both America’s and Prince Maxin’s inability to communicate. I spent most of the book infuriated that this was a book being promoted to teens. America ‘cheats’ on Maxin. Maxin ‘cheats’ on America. Both of them get upset and hurt. What the heck kind of impression are we giving our youth if this is how love works?! The author also clearly tries to make it seem like America is a strong heroine in her own way, but about once a novel she faints because she’s overcome with emotion. Plus, she cries A LOT. I’m sorry but I really lost respect for her by the end of this book.

Of course, I was still rooting for her to marry Maxin by the start of book 3, but all hope I had of these books getting any better was gone. Book 3, The One, was less slow than 2 (thank goodness!), but the character development didn’t get any better. The ending was predictable, and luckily, it was tied up in a nice little bow. I don’t even need to read the next 2 books. I’d rather save the 16 or so hours of reading and just use my imagination. I assume the next two books will be just as predictable so: they will beat the rebels, make heirs (at their young age of 18), and live happily ever after.

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