Fused in Fire, by K.F. Breene

Well, that was fucking fast! I picked up the book this morning, and *poof* I read the whole damn thing!


Fused in Fire by K.F. Breene is about as bad-ass as it gets.

Ok, profanity aside, nothing in this plot was at all what I was expecting, which is SUCH a nice change from the trilogies I’ve read lately! Without giving too much away, somethinghappened with the main characters that I was really hoping

for, which lead the way for so much more to ensue! I feel like I really need to geek out with someone and talk about everything that happened. I wasn’t expecting to be mind-fucked the way I was (sorry for the language again). I’m so torn between wanting to explain why, and not wanting to let too much information slip.

The epilogue implied there might be more to come by exploring different parts of this world with another character. I love everything K.F. Breene, but I really can’t stand when authors go back to add more to a story or world. Once a series is done, I want to dive head-first into a new world, not look at one through a different characters eyes. Gah! I guess I have a few months to decide if I want to read it. Also hoping for no more animated covers (sorry again KF!).

Epilogue and cover aside, I REALLY loved this book, and though the series was a close second to the Chosen Books. If you haven’t started it, I definitely recommend that you do!


You can check out Born in Fire, the first book of the series here: http://amzn.to/2v6vX1q

Or, to see more book by K.F. Breene, check out her Amazon Page , or follow her on Facebook.



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