Review of Four Seconds on the Clock, by Mark Treble

Wow. Ok, so this isn’t a typical read for me, but I’m becoming a fan of Mark Treble.
Four Seconds on the Clock isn’t a typical MM book. Given the title – as a female – I’m not sure I would’ve picked it up myself. BUT – it’s a surprisingly good read!

The book wasn’t as focused on sports as I thought it was going to be, which was a relief. The characters had some time on the courts, which definitely helped the story line. But the rest of the book was much more steamy than I was expecting! Mark did a nice job in this book balancing the plot line with character development. He also worked in a lot of real-world issues, and showed how strong bonds can overcome even the worst situations. There were a few areas where the writing was slightly confusing, but nothing in the writing kept me from finishing this book in a single day. This book was sexy, and had such a good overall message that I really feel it’s worth sharing.

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