Review of Born in Fire, by K.F. Breene

Born in Fire

If you’ve been following our blog for any amount of time, you may know I one-click K.F. Breene books like a drug addict who needs a fix. She’s in the top of my 3 favorite authors. The Warrior Chronicles was amazing, The Darkness Series was great, but Born in Fire… Holy cow, this blows them all away!

I’m a sucker for a strong lead character, male or female, and she just kills it every time! Born in Fire follows this same trend. Actually, it’s better, because this book has a female lead, Reagan who is both strong, and hilarious. Seriously, I laughed so hard I shot coffee out of my nose. Take my advice on this- if you’re going to take a sip of something hot, don’t read this book at the same time. It hurts. Anyway… I digress.

Born in Fire is a completely new magical world, with a breadth of badass characters and magical creatures. Action packed and completely hilarious from start to finish, K.F. Breene has created a world I wish I could be a part of in real life. It’s so easy to get lost in this book as Regean, the ‘supernatural bounty hunter’, gets stuck on a mission with a vampire she can’t stand. Admittedly, you just can’t help but like him as a reader, which makes it all the more hilarious when she thinks about punching him in the face. The dichotomy of the two is enthralling, while the plot takes a few twists and turns you’d never expect.

If you’re interested in reading other reviews about this book, or learning more about K.F. Breene, I’d definitely check her out on Amazon. Did I mention she already has over 115 reviews on Born in Fire, and is still at 5 stars? How awesome is that?!

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